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eventEvent #1: North American Process Music and Tuning into the Spirit World
dateFeb 17, 2018
artistApartment House / Martin Arnold / Sam Ashley / Joseph Kudirka
locationDe Appel (Broedplaats Lely)
Schipluidenlaan 12
detailsThe opening of DNK Days 2018, an eventful concert in three parts, co-hosted by De Appel, in the large auditorium of Broedplaats Lely.

Part one: Apartment House (UK) plays pieces by Martin Arnold (CA) and Joseph Kudirka (US)

Part two: Joseph Kudirka, Jeroen Kimman and Raphael Vanoli play Joseph Kudirka’s process guitar trio: Downer

Part three: Sam Ashley performs his narrative for voice: Love among the immortals

For this first of six concerts at De Appel, DNK-Amsterdam has invited the renowned English ensemble Apartment House, with no less than seven musicians, to play the exquisite music of North American composers: Martin Arnold and Joseph Kudirka.

In addition to this, composer and musician Joseph Kudirka will join local guitar heroes Jeroen Kimman and Raphael Vanoli to play his excellent, rewired, guitar trio Downer. Last but not least, Sam Ashley; renowned mystic, author, percussionist, and performer of expressive, ritualistic actions will travel from his place in this dimension to tune into the spirit world and perform a solo version of his half-spoken half-sung performance narrative Love among the immortals.

Time: 20:00 – 23:00

Tickets: 10 Euro