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eventExhibition #1: Displacement
dateFeb 18, 2018
artistYutaka Makino
locationPunt WG
Wg Plein,
detailsYutaka Makino has undertaken several projects in recent years that provide acoustically and visually conditioned environments in which processes of perception are made tangible to those experiencing them, provoking reflections on the act of perception. The elements employed in a space are intertwined and interact with each other, so that the interdependence of behavior and counter-behavior sets the visitors’ perceptual transformations in perpetual motion.

Displacement functions as an experimental setup consisting of its components and the physical presence of the visitor in the space. An auditory stimulation masks almost all acoustic features of the space and an optokinetic stimulator is used to produce an unstable visual environment in which spatial references are constantly disrupted. Commonly used as a rehabilitation apparatus to reduce the visual dependencies of subjects with balance disorders or vertigo, the optokinetic stimuli are used in such a way that instabilities in orientation are induced and our dependency on visual references is put to the test. For the visitor, any gesture of other visitors becomes another spatial reference that conflicts with the output from the optokinetic device. The individual experiences of visitors will emerge from this interference of the conflicting references.

Opening: Sunday 18 February 15:00 - 20:00

Daily: 13:00 to 19:00 until Saturday February 24th